Some Firearms News Updates

Here’s a bit of expansion on my blog from the beginning of this month about Eric Holder being an idiot.  The date on the article is as of yesterday, but it discusses in more detail the series of asinine comments by Holder in his defense of another AWB, and the subsequent opposing thoughts by various Democratic and Republican senators, as well as a couple pro-gun organizations.  It’s a well-written article, in my opinion.

Gun Advocates Ready for Battle on Federal Assault Weapons Ban

I was happy to see some Democrats listed as being vocal opponents of Holder’s comments, though.  Of course, three senators aren’t enough to make much of a difference, but I’ll take what I can get.  Haha.

I want to thank my best friend Keith for passing along the following article by the New York Times concerning the “so far” effect of the Supreme Court “Heller” decision.

Few Ripples From Supreme Court Ruling On Guns

The NYT makes Heller look pretty inconsequential.  Who saw that coming?

Here’s what I have to say about that – it’s been less than a year, and America has had a little bit more on their minds during that time.  Yes, there have been cases go to court about this (the felon one mentioned in the article was particularly amusing to me), but we had a freaking election and are in an economic crisis for crying out loud!  Even the NRA is worried more about an Obama/Holder lovechild in the form of a new “assault weapons” ban than trying to be in the news talking about the follow-up Heller cases they’re assisting with behind the scenes.

Heller is on the books now.  It’s not going anywhere.  It was a big ruling and one that will eventually have some sort of effect that even the NYT will have to recognize.  Heck, you know how happy I was about Heller, but I don’t think about it much now-a-days simply because I’m worried about our new emperor president and his bat-shit-crazy decisions.

Not sure what to think about this next one.

Officials Deny Report that Obama Seeks to End Pilot Gun Program

The NYT says Obama does, whereas TSA says the administration doesn’t.  The “he doesn’t” crowd seems to think that just because they’re still training people, that the program will continue to get funding or won’t be shut down in the future.  While not an overt anti-gun decision, a decision to cutback the funding would put this program under.  Obviously I’m pro pilots carrying guns, but I could easily see the Obamessiah shutting it down for “fear” of a terrorist gaining access to the cockpit and then being armed with a jet plane and a firearm.

Keep your powder dry.


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