UPDATE: Obama Scraps Controversial Health Plan

Good damn thing.

Obama Drops Controversial Health Care Plan for Wounded Veterans

Still doesn’t make the fact that he even SUGGESTED it to be any better.  I stand by my previous statements concerning his character.

Keep your powder dry.


3 Responses

  1. from what i read he was saying if a wounded solder was covered by some form of insurance that the company would reimburse the government (which is a bad idea because the companies will simply find a way to pass off the cost to customers) but is totally different than asking the solders to pay for their injuries. A terrible idea and i’m glad it was shot down but from what i read not at all like your link text made it sound like.

  2. The link text was made by partially quoting the article title from the first news source. The full article name was “The American Legion Strongly Opposed to President’s Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment.”

    While I normally write out the full article names, this one was quite long, so I just took off the first part about the American Legion. I don’t feel that my change altered the context of the title that much, but the title given by that news source may have not have been thought out that well.

  3. yeah sadly the news often goes for shock value of what will get people to read the article. lousy not having journalistic integrity anymore.

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