I’m attending the “XS East” motorcycle rally!

It’s official!  I’m attending the “XS East ’09” motorcycle rally!  It’s on Memorial Day Weekend in Brattleboro, VT this year.  I’m meeting two other riders in Lancaster, PA and we’re riding up together.  Check out the two planned rides we’re doing:

Saturday Route

Route 1 is approximately 163 miles, 261 KM, 9 hours elapsed time. This includes gas / touristy / lunch and supper stops. This route includes the Molly Stark Trail, Bennington War Memorial, and the Mohawk Trail, with a few covered bridges. I figure if the Bennington War Memorial park is laid out well we can do a group photo there. Might look good with that big honkin’ thing sticking way up there in the background.

Sunday Route

Route 2 is approximately 188 miles, 300 KM, 8.75 hours elapsed time. Does not include supper stop in the elapsed time. This route includes Rt 100, the route everyone points to first when you ask which road should I take my motorcycle on in VT. Otherwise there are 2 photo op stops from which to choose. This route is a slightly more aggressive, in that there is a little more distance between each stop, and less stops. Not too much of an historical nature to this route. There are several places to turn-off for shortening the ride if needed.

I’ve got my leave packet all filled out and ready to turn in first thing tomorrow, and have already made my reservation at the hotel where all the “XSive” bikers are staying.  This will be the first vacation I’ve taken that wasn’t with family or friends.  When all is said and done, I’ll have rode over 1,300 miles in one weekend.  Unfortunately since it’s not in one day, I won’t qualify an award from the Iron Butt Association, but that’ll come in the future, I promise.

“XS East” is a rally put together by the good people over at XS11.com.  They do it every year on Memorial Day weekend and usually have a pretty good turn out.  The location of the rally moves from year to year, but typically doesn’t go any further south than WV/VA, I believe.

I’ll be riding my black XJ1100 up to the rally.  Unless the mechanic can figure out what is wrong with my red one, the “Outrider” moniker will be lovingly transfered to the black one and the red one will be relegated to a project/parts bike.  I guess we’ll see this week when I get her back.

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this trip!


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  1. You do know that Lancaster is only 1.5 hours west of your brother, me and your niece who misses you a bunch. We’d sure like to see you, if not then- soon.

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