So wait… we’ve been lied to?


The Myth of 90 Percent

For any pro-gun person, this article is a really good read.  If you don’t care, I’ll sum it up for you.  Know how you’ve heard that “90% of the guns used in crimes in Mexico come from the US”?  Well, it’s just flat not true, despite what Hillary Clinton, CBS, or Dianne Feinstein tell you.

As if I’d believe any gun statistic that comes out of those mouths anyway.  Anyone even remotely familiar with the cabinet that the Obamessiah has put together should know it’s the most anti-gun cabinet IN HISTORY.  If a story is gun-related, it’s gonna have a bad spin on it with these guys since his highness has 90% of the media in his pocket.

Like how I just made up a number and threw it out there?  Kinda like someone else does?  I’d put money on the fact that my estimates are closer than theirs.

Read the article.  It’s really good at pointing out all the loopholes in those clowns’ arguments.  I’m looking at you too, Tom Diaz.

Keep your powder dry.


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