Anyone catch the license plate number on that windstorm?

Sooo… my Friday was pretty crummy.  I was excited because I picked up my black motorcycle from the mechanic where it had undergone a tune-up.  It was actually the first time I had heard it run since I bought it.  Boy did it sound good!  It ran even sweeter!  Shifted smooth, braked well, it was great!  I rode it from the mechanic’s to around the mall and up the street to my sister and brother-in-law’s house… MAYBE three or four miles.  Not far.

Anyway, so I park outside their house on the street close to the curb so that it doesn’t risk getting hit from a passing car.  I proceed to go inside and hang out with my niece.  A few minutes later, I happen to look out the window, and there’s my bike… laid over on it’s right side on the curb!  It had been BLOWN OVER by the damn wind storm we were having!

I freaked.

As fast as I could I went outside to pick up the bike and survey the damage.  It was bad.  Not as bad as it could have been, but really bad in my mind since I had just picked up the bike and it had basically been garage kept it’s whole life.

The rear blinker on that side was snapped off at the base and dangling by the wires.  The front blinker lens was shattered.  The headlight unit was pushed about three inches to the left.  The bottom edge of the engine housing was gouged from impacting the curb.

I wanted to cry.  At least no controls were damaged and the gas tank didn’t even have a scratch on it.  I guess the only plus side here is that since the mechanic still had my other bike at the shop, I was able to take the black one back in to have parts ripped off of the red one and put on the black one.  Like I said, it could have been worse.  I told the mechanic to go ahead and take the crash bars off the red one and put it on the black one while he was pulling donor parts.  I really believe, though, that because of how close I was to the curb, the same things would have gotten damaged even if I had the crash bars on the bike.


Now I went and made me depressed again.  At least it’ll be ready for me by this weekend when I am planning on riding down to Fairmont again.  I’ll be anxious to see if she does any differently than my red one did.  Hopefully it’ll be nicer weather, though.

Catch you on the flip side.

P.S.  Oh, and as if to make matters worse, my sister made my brother-in-law and I watch Twilight that evening, too.  I had to resist the urge to go hang myself in her bathroom.


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  1. you need to drive a car down here unless you want to strap the Yoda totem poll to your bike (seems rather risky to me) as you have a place to keep it now and i want this evil out of my house.

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