Another weekend in Fairmont

This past weekend was that time of month again, so I packed up and headed down to see my buddies in Fairmont.  I was NOT able to ride my bike down, though.  When I got back home to Martinsburg last Thursday, I picked up my repaired XJ and rode it around in the beautiful weather that evening.  Friday and Saturday were both calling for rain, though, so I was a little worried.  Friday morning when I got ready to leave Martinsburg, it was really overcast and a little chilly, so alas, it was not meant for me to ride the bike down.  This made me very sad… especially since I only ran in to about five minutes of rain a few miles east of Morgantown.

And especially since the only other rain we got that weekend was Saturday morning while we were still sleeping.

And especially since the rest of the time I was there was freaking beautiful. I hate weathermen.

Mark, Josh and I even went out on a walk on Friday afternoon.  It was so warm I had to take off my jacket.  When we got back to his house, Mark and I sat outside on his front steps just talking and enjoying the weather.  It was nice just hanging out and getting a chance to go for a walk with the guys.  We use to do that all the time when I lived there in Fairmont.

Anyway, the Star Wars game went well, even if it didn’t go as long as last time.  I have to say, though, that the guys really got their asses handed to them.  Granted, they’re a man down as far as what the campaign calls for, but they really had trouble with several of the fights.  Gotta give credit where credit is due, though.  They did the best they had with what they could.  There were plenty of humorous moments, too, though later in the evening you’d have thought we were all on laughing gas or something when we got to laughing over some simple stuff.  It was all good times, though.  I headed back to Martinsburg as soon as the game wrapped up Saturday night.  It was a beautiful night with a clear sky and bright waning gibbous moon that I traveled in to the whole way home, so it made for a nice drive.

Sunday morning I went to the Easter Sunday second service at the church.  It was pretty good.  Mostly filled with praise and worship led by the band and choir (which my oldest sis directs).  One of the leaders at the church is this short, skinny little guy who does custom paint jobs for motorcycles and other things.  He’s all tattooed up and really soft spoken.  Anyway, the whole service he spent painting on a canvas.  It ended up being a cross with wings behind it and a banner in front that said “Joy”.  Really really awesome job on it, too.

Afterward we (the family) all went back to mom and Bob’s for Easter dinner and egg hunting (for Avalynn).  I think probably my favorite part was the alligator chunks that Granddaddy brought back with him from Florida and fried up in his deep fryer.  Talk about good eats!  Yes, yes, I know ‘gator isn’t a traditional Easter food.  Guess what?  I don’t care, it was delicious.

After eating I rode around the development on the bike a little, taking my youngest sis, Whitney, for a ride.  Later I let my bruver-in-law take the bike out for a ride himself.  It was his first ride of the season, so he was pretty stoked about it.  We talked for a while after he got back about how much better the black bike runs compared to the red one and how she shifts smoother, etc…  Good stuff.  I love my motorcycle.

All in all, it was a pretty enjoyable time spent with the family and friends this weekend.  I would have liked a little more motorcycle riding, but I’ll take what I can get for now.

Keep your powder dry.


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