300 miles and one big grin

Well, better late than never, I suppose.  This past weekend was AWESOME!  The weather was perfect.  I really don’t think I could have asked for nicer riding weather.  From the time I got home Friday afternoon to the time I rolled out back to base Sunday night, I didn’t go anywhere unless it was on my motorcycle.

Saturday was the best, though.  That morning I made a quick jaunt down the interstate to Inwood and met up with my grandfather at Valley Guns II so he could check out the place and inquire about offloading a few firearms.  We spent probably half an hour or so just wandering around and looking at what they had for sale.  I was actually surprised at the amount of AR-15s they had available.  My guess is they just unboxed them that Friday evening.  They also had a .50 cal. ammo can full of .223 ammo, as well as several boxes of 7.62x39mm.  It was Chinese, though, not Russian.

Anyway, once we parted ways, I took back roads back to the house for a quick pit stop, filled up my tank at the local Shell, then took some more back roads to my buddy Mark’s house.  I’ve mentioned him before.  He’s the one with the range and gun shop out in Sleepy Creek.  He was teaching a concealed carry class from 10 till 2 that day, but promptly at 2 o’clock he closed up shop.  Reason?  Mark, his buddies Rich and John, and I were headed out for a ride!

Mark and his Harley were actually outnumbered by the guys with Japanese bikes.  John had another Yamaha, while Rich rode a Honda.  All of theirs were set up mostly for touring, though, with big windshields and saddlebags.  I told ’em that real bikers ride without windshields.  Haha.  I figure I can talk since I’ve ridden through crummy weather without one.

Mark took point as he was the organizer of this ride.  We didn’t really have a destination in mind, though, which as anyone on a motorcycle knows doesn’t really matter.  Riding = happiness.  We left his house and topped off our tanks in Hedgesville, even though everyone but Mark didn’t really need gas.  From there we headed out Route 9 to Interstate 81 and went south towards Winchester.  Honestly, that’s as far as I kept track of the roads we took.  We turned off the interstate at Inwood at the same exit I had taken earlier that morning, and headed west towards Gerrardstown.  I’m not sure if we went as far as Glengary, though.  Wait, scratch that, we did.  (I’m looking at googlemaps right now to retrace our route.  I love googlemaps.)

From Glengary we took 45 to where it turns into 681 (then later 600) in Virginia towards Gainesboro where we stopped for lunch at a Sonic.  I had never eaten at one of those before.  I had a pretty good double-cheese burger (I think they called it the Sonic Burger) and cheesy tater-tots with a cherry limeade to drink.  Made for a very satisfying meal.

After lunch we headed town 522 to 7 at Winchester where Mark tooks us just past Berryville to River Road.  River Road, as it’s name suggests, follows the Shenandoah River.  This might have been my favorite part of the ride.  There was a cool breeze coming off the river.  Campers and swimmers and fishermen and people just out enjoying the day all waved to us as we cruised by in our zig-zag formation.  The sun was shining down through the trees and reflecting off the river, creating some awesome visual effects that only nature could make.

We followed the river all the way to Route 9 back in West Virginia.  That’s where Rich and I separated from Mark and John.  Rich lives in Harpers Ferry, so he went one way while I went another.  We waved our goodbyes to the rest of the group then motored on back towards our respective homes.  I took Route 9 through Charles Town and back home to Martinsburg a very happy biker.

At the end of the weekend, I tallied up my miles.  I rode just over 300 miles this weekend.  Of course that’s nothing compared to what I’ve got coming up next month, but it sure was enough to still have me grinning and looking forward to the nice weather this weekend!  Who knows where the road will take me?


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