Big Weekend for Me

Well I certainly was busy this past weekend.  Friday, on my way home, I stopped back by the Subaru dealership in Hagerstown, MD to test drive another car I had looked at online.  I had test-driven one a couple weeks ago and really really liked it.  When I saw this other one on their website, though, I called up the dealer I’d been dealing with and arranged a meeting.  I was upfront and honest with the guy while out driving and told him that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get financing because of my credit history.  He said they work with a lot of banks and should be able to work something out for me.  I didn’t hold my breath.

So we get back to the dealership and I go ahead and fill out a credit application for financing.  We discussed price first, of course, and I was able to talk them down a little.  Not as much as I had hoped, but probably as much as I expected them to budge.  Fifteen minutes later Tony (the dealer) came back out with terms and monthly payment options.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was going to buy my first new (used) car!  It’s a 2006 Subaru Outback Sport Impreza hatchback.  It’s Sage Green Metallic with Steel Silver Metallic body molding and trip.  The interior is tan, but has dark grey accents for all the interior moldings.  Damn near perfect condition, and with lots of options.  I freaking love it!

Saturday morning I went to the bank to withdrawal my down payment, then headed straight to the dealership to finalizing everything.  About 10:30am I was driving off the lot in MY car!  This was all very exciting for me.  That afternoon I drove mom and myself to a wedding.  My “Aunt” Tammy’s daughter, Brittany, was getting married.  Mom and I hung out at the reception until about 8:30pm, then we headed to my sister and brother-in-law’s new house!  Yep, they finally closed on their house, and it’s all theirs!  I was very excited and happy for them.  They’ve been waiting for so long, and now it’s all paid off.

You should see my niece’s room!  It is sooooo cute.  The walls are painted in two different shades of purple, and the decorations are all Disney princesses.  It is a little girl’s room if I’ve ever seen one!  She even has her own big-girl bed, now!  Saturday night was the first night she’d slept in it, and apparently she did really well!

Sunday was of course Father’s Day.  I made sure I got to church early since I knew that was pretty much the only chance I’d have to see my dad (he goes to the first service).  Right after the service my bruver and I went for a short drive in my car.  I let him drive it since this thing is so much fun.  After that, I went to a late lunch with my best friend Keith who was in town visiting family.  Unfortunately I didn’t have long to stay in Martinsburg this weekend because I had to be back in time to catch my ride with some friends to the Aerosmith/ZZ Top concert down at Nissan Pavilion!  Yeah, it was pretty awesome.  Aerosmith sure knows how to put on a show!  Even leaving right before they finished (we heard the crowd calling “encore”), we still didn’t get back home until around 12:30 or 1am.  It was worth it, though.  I had an awesome weekend!  And there’s more to come…

Keep your powder dry.


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