So, it’s my birthday again…

Yep, I’m 28 today.  I had plans to take myself out for a birthday dinner.  I got the address of a nice seafood restaurant down in Annapolis, MD that is right by the river from a woman I work with.  She said she’s been going there since she was three.  Sounded like a good time and a good reason to use my new GPS, so as soon as I got off for the day, I changed and headed out.

Ten minutes from post my phone rings.  It’s my mom, and she want’s to know what I’m doing for dinner.  Long story short, she, Bob, and my sis, brother-in-law, and niece all came up to Frederick, MD (the halfway point between home and here) where we met at Red Lobster for dinner together.  So, I still got some seafood, but also had the pleasure of sharing a giant cookie with fudge center topped with icecream for dessert with my niece!  It was a really cool idea that I guess my sis came up with.

Anyway, it made for a pretty cool pseudo-surprise, and a nice gift since dinner was mom’s treat.  Beats eating alone, anyway! 😀  I’ve got more birthday fun coming up Friday night, though.  I’m headed down to Arlington, VA to see Keith and my friends Annie and Eric.  They’re taking me out for my birthday.  Should be a good time!  Guess we’ll see!


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