Transformers premier recap

So last night was awesome!  It seems that we were giving some mis-information about what exactly we’d be given for the evening, but just seeing that movie more than made up for it!

We ended up taking a limo-bus (read: nice charter bus) to the Verizon Center instead of an actual limo only because the 28 people that were going wouldn’t fit in one limo.  Go figure.  The catering was also actually just vouchers for free large popcorn (with buttery topping) and large soda, not an actual meal.  This didn’t bother me so much because Keith, Bryon and I all just ate subs at Potbelly, and they were delicious.  Also, and I’m not sure what’s the story behind this, Michael Bay was not actually there.  Maybe he was there and just in a different theater (the USO, who sponsored the premier for us, had their own theater), but either way we didn’t see him.

Again, all this stuff didn’t really matter because Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was awesome!  It was practically non-stop action.  I kept expecting the current action scene to be the end somehow, and yet it continued!  There was a LOT more adult humor in this one than the first one.  There were a few times that the humor seemed a little forced, but for the most part it was worked in quite well.  The Twins (I believe their names were Skidz and Mudflap) were pretty freaking funny, if not voice stereotyped.  One of their funniest lines was, “That’s ’cause he a pussy!”  Also, you got to really see some awesome fight scenes involving all the transformers, most of which involved multiple transformations during battle.  Optimus Prime is one bad mutha-fucka.  Also, the scene with Bumblebee and Sam in the car with the chick was hilarious!  Makes you love that car even more.

There were several instances that elicited some emotional responses as well.  Those who’ve seen it know the big one I’m talking about.  The whole theater at that point gasped and I think there were children crying.

The new take on Devastator (a.k.a. the Constructicons) was different, but really really good.  I was happy to at least see the five vehicles that originally made him up used, but his new form was still pretty awesome and made a lot of sense for the story.  Jetfire’s inclusion was cool, even if he did overact a little.  Yes, I just said a CGI robot overacted.  His plot point was integral, though, and made for another cool scene.

Overall, the movie was worth the damage I think my bladder sustained from holding it for about half of the two-and-a-half hours the movie ran.  It was easily as fun as the first one, but definitely had a much larger scale to it.  Go see it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  I wasn’t.  Here’s a pic of Keith, Bryon, and I at the theater.

Transformers movie premier


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