Best 4th of July ever!

Well… except maybe for the first 4th of July.

So the family picnic was scheduled for the afternoon of the 4th.  We were going to have bratwurst and hotdogs and beans and coleslaw and deviled eggs and… well… a ton of picnic-type foods.  You get the point.  So about 6am that morning my sisser comes up to me (I was sleeping on the couch) and pats me on the shoulder.

“We’re going to go have a baby,” she says.  Shortly after that she and bruver were out the door and Whitney and I were left to watch Avalynn (who was still sleeping).  About an hour later we get a text message that she’s crazy dilated and they’re heading to a room.  Well, sometime around 8:30am we get another message… the baby is here!  Total labor time was calculated to be 3.5 hours!  When my sister wants to have a baby, she has a baby!

She was born Alivia Marie (after her mommy) at 8:11am.  She weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces and was 19 inches long.  Here’s a picture:

Yes, that’s a lot of hair!  She’s just as good as Avalynn was, though.  Hardly gets mom and dad up at night, eats well, lets other people hold her for extended periods of time… just a perfect little baby!  Best 4th of July display I’ve ever seen!

Oh, and we ended up having the picnic on this past Monday.  It was even better than having it on the 4th would have been because we had a new baby and Avalynn got to play in her new kiddie pool!  They even made a small fire and had smores after I left that evening to come back to post.  Good times, good times.

Keep your powder dry.


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