They can power themselves with our DEAD!!!

Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead Bodies

And people have the gall to claim I’m nuts for warning of a robot apocalypse!  This is downright wrong!  Oh, I’m sure it’ll have some sort of “safety protocol” that won’t let it knaw on my femur after one of its buddies has shot me in the face, though…

Armor. Piercing. Incendiary. Ammo.  Buy lots.  You’ll need it to survive when the robot wars begin.

Keep your powder dry.

EDITED: What did I say?!  Sure enough, now they’re telling us “Oh, it won’t eat people or animal remains…”


One Response

  1. I’ve said it for years…

    If they aren’t gold-plated effeminate butlers or blue and white garbage cans, robots are not to be trusted.

    Have we learned nothing from the modern-day parables Terminator and the Matrix?

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