Two damn votes! (a.k.a. I hate Democrats)

Well, the concealed-carry amendment I blogged about yesterday was defeated today in the Senate by TWO VOTES!  I am extremely displeased.

Here’s a link to a Washington Post article on the matter…

…and here’s one for Fox News.

Obviously, and this isn’t just my personal bias coming through, the WP article is waaaaay slanted towards the Democrat side of the fence.  They even use a just plain wrong example of:

This means that someone who had a concealed-carry permit for his gun in a state like Vermont — with some of the loosest gun-control laws in the nation — could cross over into other states with their guns and not be found guilty of violating those states’ tighter gun laws.

Emphasis mine.  Vermont does NOT issue concealed-carry permits.  Anyone in that state who is legally allowed to own a gun may carry said gun in however fashion they wish – open or concealed.  Now, would this mean that residents of that great state could travel to other states and conceal carry their firearms?  You bet.  I think it would be great.

They also throw out a bunch of irrelevant facts about various states not giving permits to alcohol abusers or requiring a test of some sort (like WV’s required NRA Basic Pistol Course).  Are they really so naive to think that a gang-banger is gonna go through all the trouble to switch his official state of residence just so he can have an easier time getting permission to carry his gat concealed into another state?

Also, the mention of most states having lists of which states’ permits they will recognize is arbitrary!  That is set by lawmakers who make deals with other lawmakers in other states so they can be friends.  Typically, this means the reciprocity states must have requirements for a non-resident concealed-carry permit that are equal-to or greater than the state of residence of the requesting person.  This is not, however, always the case.  There are many states out there that will gladly have reciprocity with another state for the sole purpose of making it easier on their carry-permit holders FOR TRAVELING!  Look at Utah and Florida, for crying out loud.  Those two states combined cover the majority of the United States if you have carry permits from there.  Visit for more info.

You know the one stat you never see in the news?  Violent crimes committed by persons issued a concealed carry permit.  Know why that is?  Because it is damn near UNHEARD OF!  People that go through the trouble and state requirements to get a carry permit in their state of residence aren’t going to be the ones out committing crimes.  If something like this amendment was passed, criminals everywhere would think twice before trying to hold up a traveling couple at a rest area, truck stop, or diner along state lines.  Gee… it sure would be terrible if criminals were afraid to commit crimes…

I doubt this is the last we’ve heard of this bill.  I think a few words will get changed and we’ll see it again in another incarnation.  That is my hope, at least.  We need something like this to help reduce violent crime in locations with high-vacationing populations, such as D.C., N.Y.C., San Francisco, and L.A., where a citizen’s right to protect themselves is removed.

Keep your powder dry.


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