Dad’s in the hospital

So my dad’s been in the hospital for the past two days.  Not just the regular hospital, either.  Nope, he’s been in the I.C.U.  A little backstory.  My dad is retired and mows lawns for spare cash.  He does the whole nine yards… riding mower for the big lawns, push mower for the small stuff, weed eat/trim what he can’t get with the mowers.  He’ll even mow your lawn when you’re not there so long as payment is pre-arranged.

Anyway, so my dad had apparently been feeling ill the previous couple days prior to Thursday, but he goes to mow his buddy’s lawn anway.  Well, his buddy wasn’t there, but when he did finally come home, he found dad still sitting in his truck in a daze.  This guy is diabetic, so he knew what was going on (oh, dad is diabetic, by the way) and rushed dad to the hospital.

Turns out my dad’s sugars were so high even the emergency room monitors couldn’t read them.  It took them all night to get them back down to acceptable levels.  They’re not sure what caused the spike.  He’s still there, but now it’s because he’s got an infection in his throat and possibly one in his sinuses as well.

I went with my sis to the hospital to see him and he looked and sounded really weak.  He’s been under a lot of stress lately because his wife had some lung cancer found.  It’s my understanding that they caught it and were able to remove it, but she’s still been sick because of the treatment.  I think that between that and his diabetes, he just got worn down and got sick and the infection caused the spike in his sugars.

If you’re the prayin’ type, I’d certainly appreciate you sending a few up to God on behalf of my dad.  His name is Richard.  Thanks for readin’.


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  1. I’m sorry to read about your father’s condition.

    Here’s hoping for the best.

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