Wow, lots happening lately…

So I’ve had a very busy week or so.  Let’s see…

I was run off the road at night after it had rained by a guy who wanted to take a turn wide and drive through my lane.  This resulted in me breaking something around the suspension of my front driver’s side tire.  So my new car is now in the shop. I was less than thrilled about that, and to make matters worse, the cops that came to take my statement (for insurance purposes) were complete jerks.  Before even listening to what happened, they basically accused me of possibly being a liar and a drunk driver.  Add to this my already low opinion of the police (in general) in the area and I didn’t have much reason to be very polite back.  I proudly proclaimed that I had just driven back from Fort Meade that afternoon (in my car), had picked up a friend and had dinner in Winchester (driving my car), and had dropped her back off at her house (in my car) right before this happened.  They sort of stumblefooted around after that and just asked me to write my statement down.

I FINALLY got my orders and picked up my clearing papers yesterday.  I go on terminal leave from the Army as of next Wednesday and will be a free man again on September 11th.  This has me very excited.  I feel like I’m finally going to be able to get my life back to normal.

I’ve got a job already lined up for when I get off of leave.  I’m going to be working for HMS Technologies in Martinsburg.  They’re a small business that’s owned by a disabled vet who specialized in government contracts.  They were given my resume (not by me, mind you) and called me to set up an interview.  I really think this job will be awesome.  Pay is pretty good, benefits are awesome (full medical, dental, and eye care!), and every Friday the owner brings in a masseuse and gives each employee a 10 or 15 minute massage!  Friday is also casual day.  And we get miscellaneous holidays off (the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc…).

Now all I’ve gotta do is find my own place and I’ll be set!  I’ve actually got a meeting with an elderly woman trying to sell her house (at an outrageous price, mind you) next week.  I’m going to try and talk her in to letting me rent it from her while she keeps trying to sell it for crazy money.  I already looked at the house once while going through it with a friend of hers who is doing the reality work for her.  He seemed to like me, so I think that’ll help.

I’ve been hanging out with an old friend from my Tae Kwon Do days lately.  Things are a little different now than they were then… we’re both grown up.  She’s really cool, but that’s all I’m gonna say about that for now.  Let’s just say I’m trying to get use to talking to girls again.  LOL.  And she can kill me with her pinky.

Oh, and I got an iPhone.  I broke down and got one when my contract was up for renewal.  I’m actually pretty glad I did, too.  This thing has been really handy, and I use most of the extra features it has all the time.  My only complaint so far is battery life, but I’ve got like three different chargers for it (wall, USB, and car), so it’s not usually a problem keeping it charged.  Also, if I’m not messing with it a lot, it does just fine.

Anyway, so there’s the life update on me.  It’s been a while coming, but hey, I’ve been busy.  Catch you on the flip side.

Keep your powder dry.


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