Why I’m NOT divorced

So, here’s the long story short just so all you curious folk can be appeased.

The judge told my estranged wife and I basically as soon as we sat down that she couldn’t proceed with the divorce due to improperly filled out paperwork. This stunned us both. We really didn’t know how to respond. When we asked about it the judge said that the section declaring the reason for requesting the divorce on her (my wife’s) paperwork was left blank. This almost caused an uproar because it SPECIFICALLY states in the directions for filling out the divorce paperwork that if you are filing “irreconcilable differences” that no box needs checked and to leave that section blank because by default all WV divorces are for that reason. The judge said she was aware of this but that it says somewhere else (show me where!) that it does need checked.

So we ended up being dismissed and it was suggested we just go downstairs to the circuit clerk’s office and file our “amendmended” paperwork. Even the clerk thought this was weird and tried to call the judge about it (she was already in another hearing or just didn’t pick up).

The only good thing that came out of all this is that the judge said she’d try to fit us in sometime soon. She also said she had no idea why it took us since May to get a hearing and that the clerk most have misplaced our paperwork the first time.

I hate govenrment bureacracy so much. I’m so angry about this, you have no idea. Pay attention people, this is where following the directions that the government gives you gets you.


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