Happy New Year

Let’s do a series of cliff-note updates:

Ooook, so as of the Monday following Christmas, I’m finally divorced!  Our hearing started 30 minutes late, but once we were in there it was seriously only like 5 minutes long.  Everything went off without a hitch and now we are both just waiting for the certificate in the mail… EDITED: …which I received in the mail today!

Total miles rode on my motorcycles in 2009: 6,960 miles.  We’ll see if that’s enough to win the little competition that my riding buddies from the gun range and I have going.  I even managed to go for a ride on New Year’s Eve AND New Year’s Day!  There’s so much I’ve got planned to do on my bikes this year, I can’t wait for the weather to turn nicer again!

I’ve been hanging out with my best friend Keith a lot while he’s home from Harvard.  We are pretty sure we haven’t been able to hang out together this much for about FOUR YEARS.  It’s been nice to finally get to spend some time together.  He even bought me an expresso machine for Christmas, but I really only wanted it for it’s attached milk steamer/frother.  I gotta have me my hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut and cinnamon syrup and NO whip!

My girlfriend got me a sweet old school high-carbon steel straight shaving razor from Germany for Christmas, along with a hanging strop to keep it honed.  I can’t wait to get the other materials I need to begin using it.  I’m as impressed with the gift as I am the number of hours she spent doing research on which kind was the best to purchase.  Know how they say, “It’s the thought that counts”?, well this gift counts a whole lot!


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  1. Divorce–congrats.
    Expresso—it’s ESpresso

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