I’m not crazy, I just love riding!

So yesterday I jet home at lunch so I can swap out my Subaru for my Warrior.  Mind you, it was somewhere around the mid-thirties yesterday… without windchill added in.  You might ask why I would do such a thing.  Well, it’s twofold really.

The first and primary reason is that I had an appointment at Evel Speed in Inwood after work that day to take my bike and drop her off to have the fenders, tank, and side-covers removed so that I can turn them in for the custom paint job I’m having done.  Could I have arranged it so that the bike was trailered?  Most likely.  But that leads me to the second reason.

I just wanted to ride!  It was a relatively warm day compared to the others we have been having recently.  It also hadn’t snowed or rained in several days, so the roads were nice and clear and mostly free of dirt/salt/debris.  Riding in the cold… at least down into the 20’s (after windchill)… doesn’t bother me too much.  I like to layer my clothing anyway, so adding an extra jacket to the top and making sure there’s a scarf around my neck keeps me nice and toasty.  It’s the wet and cold that I don’t do.  That’s just dumb.

But anyway, you should have seen the looks I was getting from people when they saw me out riding.  I’d just wave and keep going.  They just don’t understand.  I make sure I’m safe about it, but when I get that itch to saddle up, I just gotta go!  Besides, riding along in the brisk winter air is good for you.  🙂

Keep the rubber side down… and your powder dry.


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