Lots of motorcycle ridin’ coming up!

Man am I getting excited about it, too! This Saturday there is a 100-mile charity ride that Bikers Against Child Abuse are hosting.  Kickstands up from Martinsburg Motorsports here in Martinsburg at noon sharp!  Any bikers in the area should be sure to swing on by!  Registration is only $10 and is from 9:30-11:30am.  This is a rain or shine event, and the weather man is calling for rain, so be sure to bring your wet-weather gear!  The only way I won’t be there is if my Tae Kwon Do test for my next belt gets moved up to this weekend.

The first full week of next month I’ll be heading down to Deal’s Gap, NC to ride “The Dragon” with a bunch of bikers from my church, The Living Room.  This is their second year doing this run.  While there we’ll be staying a what is basically a luxury cabin overlooking the Smokey Mountains.  I’ve seen pictures, and it is awesome!  It’s got its own theater room! The guys had a blast last year, even with the weather being pretty poor (from what I heard).  I unfortunately didn’t have the leave time built up to take last year’s trip, but this year I made sure to plan for it!

I’m leaving a couple days early to ride down the entire Blue Ridge Parkway with two of the guys.  We’re gonna take Saturday and Sunday to do it, that way we can just take our time and cruise along and enjoy the sights.  With the route we’re taking, it’s about 670 miles (one way), which means it’s actually FURTHER than my Vermont trip I went on last year!  Right now the plan is to ride back by myself with a route that takes me up  through TN, into KY, and then across through the western side of WV to end up in Fairmont for my buddy 2.0’s birthday.  Whether that happens or not, we’ll see, but that’s the plan.  Total route distance that way (including back to Martinsburg from Fairmont) would be about 1,420 miles (or so).

Then, at the end of the month over Memorial Day weekend, it’s time once again for the XS East Motorcycle Rally!  This is the one I went on last year to Vermont, but this year it’s in Somerset, PA, which is only as short 115 miles away.  Each planned route for that rally (Saturday and Sunday) is between 120 and 130 miles.  I would have liked to have ridden a little further, but this is still nice since I can make it to the rally point in less than two hours.  I may not even take a full day of work off that Friday!  Ok, doubtful, but it could happen.  My buddy Ralph that I rode with last year is the one organizing this year’s rally, which is cool.  Part of the route takes us to the Flight 93 Memorial, which means I will have visited each crash site in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Much further down the road, on the second weekend in July, I may ride back down to Tennessee to LibertyCon 23 in Chattanooga.  I just found out that Larry Correia will be there for the event!  It’s about 560 miles there, but it’s all pretty much straight down the interstate, so it shouldn’t take me forever to get there.  If I take off that Friday to ride down, that would give me all day Saturday to hit the Con, then I could ride back home on Sunday.  I normally wouldn’t consider doing this except for the fact that Larry pretty much never makes it over to my side of the country… at least no where near D.C. (can’t imagine why he’d NOT want to visit our center of “democracy”… *rolleyes*  LOL).  July should be a good month for riding, anyway, so I won’t mind getting another 1k+ miles in.

So as you can see, I wasn’t joking about getting some good riding in here in the next few months!  Hopefully I’ll pick up a few more charity rides in-between.  Well, as usual…

Keep the rubber side down, and your powder dry!


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