T-Boned at Chick-fil-A

Yesterday started off pretty nice.  The weather was cooler than previous days had been and it made for a really nice day to ride my motorcycle to work.  Mom and I decided to head to lunch at Taco Bell.  Upon leaving, I turned left and headed up towards the entrance to Route 45 so I could get on the interstate.  I saw a woman in a black Cadillac waiting to turn left from the oncoming traffic into Chick-fil-A.  Then she started moving.  I thought to myself, “She has to see me… I’m riding a bright yellow motorcycle.  She’s gonna stop… SHE’S GONNA STOP… NO, NO SHE’S NOT!”

Since I saw her coming, I managed to lift my left leg out of the way of impact, and it’s a good thing I did too.  Otherwise my left leg would have been crushed between my bike and her front bumper.  She slammed into me with her entire right-front bumper, basically t-boning my motorcycle.  The bike flew over onto it’s right side and began to spin.  My left leg that I had lifted, flew over the handlebars.  My right leg rebounded off the pavement, into the engine, and then up from under the bike.  I spun like a top on the left side of my saddle.  When the bike came to a stop a few feet away, I was literally sitting on top of it.

Mom, who I had been having lunch with, didn’t see this happen, but heard it.  She said she kept looking for me to drive up to the entrance at 45.  Once the car in front of her pulled out, she saw me sitting on the bike.  She came across the intersection and stopped behind us to keep traffic from running into the accident.  An ambulance arrived within a few minutes.  The cops?  AT LEAST 25 minutes.  Then when he got there, he quickly surveyed the damage, and then asked me to pick up my bike and move it out of the way.  No offer to help the guy who was just hit by a car.  Mom went ballistic.  The cop ended up helping me lift and push it after all.

The awesome guys at Martinsburg Motorsports came and picked up the bike for me.  A quick survey of the damage yielded a shattered air scoop on the left side (possible damage underneath), useless shifter, bent forks, scratched muffler, bent front brake lever, among other things. Definitely NOT drivable.  The real kicker?  Not a single visible scratch on the paint job!  Talk about favor of God!  Haha.  The mechanics couldn’t believe it.

Mom ended up insisting I go to the emergency room to get checked out.  I suppose she was just following the advice of the paramedics.  I got my right leg x-rayed and my back and neck got CT scanned.  Nothing turned up but some bad bruising to my shin and some pulled muscles in my back and neck.

I’m really really sore today, but grateful that I’m otherwise ok and the bike seems to be repairable. This could have been a lot worse.  So a note to all you cage drivers out there… WATCH OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES!!!

Keep your powder dry, and the rubber side down…


One Response

  1. They aren’t trying to kill you because they’re mean. They’re trying to kill you because they’re stupid.
    I always play this little game with myself when I’m on the bike: what is the dumbest thing this guy can do right now? Then you plan for that eventuality.
    Glad that you weren’t seriously hurt, hope the damage is easily fixable, damn I gotta get my Harley back together…

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