Still house shopping

So I went and scouted out another house this afternoon with my grandfather. It was in BFE between Inwood and Bunker Hill. From the ad, I thought something was up, but figured it was worth the drive anyway. 3 bed, 3 bath, almost 5 acres of land, external 2-car garage with separate shop space… just under $80k.

Now, it did START life as a trailer, but it had been added to in order to make it a full house. Not actually too shabby looking for a foreclosure, really. Only one room looked like it was in need of fixing up. Only problem?… the heat pump had been taken. I think that might be a problem since it’s still a little cold out. The garage, though?… AWESOME! It was ginormous! My grandfather though the guy that built it must have had auto repair in mind because of how big it was and the fact that it had what was basically an “office”, complete with bathroom and windows looking out into the garage. I figure I could easily get two cars and a whole stable of motorcycles in there and still have room for a sweet ammunition reloading setup. 🙂

Biggest hangup with the place? The road out there. It’s horrible. Also, the 5 acres are about worthless to do anything with. I couldn’t even put in a nice pistol range. The hunt continues.


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