Cupid serves wings. Who knew?

So I’m out having a late post-movie dinner with my friend Ashley at Buffalo Wild Wings, and our waiter brings us the bill. He very pointedly says to me, “I’ll just leave this here with you.” Now, mind you, Ashley and I are not dating (any more), and had not planned on combining our tabs (at least not that I was aware of). A while later, he comes back, collects the bill (and my credit card).

Now here’s where it gets funny. When he brings the paid bill back to us, he asks us if we are on a blind date. His reasoning? Because blind dates usually last a long time. We told him no and that we had just come from a movie. Well that must have opened the door because he then proceeded to give us relationship advice about how we should just be friends first and communication is key and other such pearls of wisdom. It was really pretty funny, mostly due to his very real and apparent need to convey all of this to us.

So yeah, Dinner and Dr. Phil. Didn’t expect that tonight.


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  1. Thanks for dinner though. 🙂

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