New Shoes for the Warrior

Well, I figured with a 10-to-11-state (not really sure how many) motorcycle trip coming up, I should probably have my tires and brake pads looked at to make sure I’ve got enough left for the ride.  Turns out, not so much.  Only about 500 miles or so on the rear, and the front I’ve felt like I needed for a while anyway.  Blarg.  There goes $550 (total, tires and labor).  I really should start transferring more per month into my “Upkeep and Maintenance” savings account.

Here’s the tip for the day, kiddos:  when riding a motorcycle, don’t skimp on good protective gear (helmet, jacket, gloves, etc…) or good tires.  The good tires are the only thing separating your bike from the pavement, and in case those fail, your gear is the only thing separating YOU from the pavement.


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