More graves discovered in Mexico

32 More Bodies Found in Mexican Pits, Total Now at 177

MEXICO CITY — Mexican authorities say another 32 bodies have been exhumed from clandestine graves in the northeastern border state of Tamaulipas, bringing the total to 177.

Tamaulipas prosecutors say in a statement that the latest bodies were found in eight pits discovered during the past week.

Authorities began exhuming corpses early this month in the town of San Fernando after reports that people were being kidnapped from passenger buses in the area. It is the same region where authorities say the Zetas drug gang killed 72 Central American migrants in August.

The Zetas are also suspected in the latest massacre.

Thursday’s statement indicated that 122 of the unearthed bodies could be those of recently kidnapped passengers.

So how much longer are we going to let these massacre’s happen before we choose to intervene in what is happening ON OUR OWN BORDER?!?!  This is ridiculous.  Citizens of a country on the other side of the planet being killed by an oppressive force, and we’re all up in arms trying to save them.  Our neighbor to the south that we have a trade agreement with has their people being slaughtered, and we do nothing because the drug cartels haven’t been declared “terrorists”.  We’re hung up on the word to define these pigs and not on the travesties they’re committing.


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