Whitney, on Gardening Judges

This past Wednesday, the 20th, was my mom’s birthday, so for lunch we all went out together.  While sitting at our table, a tv on the wall was displaying a newscast about a woman who had been beaten by her husband while AT a divorce hearing.  Yes, in the courtroom, where they’re suppose to have a bailiff and everything.  Anyway, Whitney exclaims,

Where was the judge?!  I would have thrown my gravel at him!

Whit, I’m pretty sure that unless that judge had just wandered in to the courtroom straight from the garden, they probably didn’t have any gravel available to throw.  You know what would have worked, though, is throwing that nice wooden hammer thingy they have.  What’s it called?  I can’t quite remember…


2 Responses

  1. Where was the bailiff?

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