The Ogre is editing his first book

Alright guys, here’s your chance!  I was able to get in on the ground floor with Larry Correia’s first (self-published) novel by reading his thread postings on one of my firearms message boards, and now he’s a NYT Bestselling Author.  It looks like this is happening again, but with a different author. George “the Mad Ogre” Hill

The Ogre is most well known for his gun blogging, but he is a published article writer for Concealed Carry magazine as well.  Well over on WeTheArmed (see link to the left), there was a nice long story thread in the Creative Writing section he started called “Uprising” that took off and developed a life of it’s own.  Soon there were multiple other forum members adding their own piece of the story.  Some are better than others, but they all add to the feel of really being involved in the story.  The premise behind it is the zombie apocalypse, but the guys in this story all have guns.  It’s awesome!  It gets more fantastical as the story develops, but it takes a while to get to that point (and most of the fantastical stuff happens in the spin-off “Uprising: UK” anyway).

Anyway, here is where the Ogre announces that he is editing his first book.  If you like zombie movies or zombie fiction, trust me, you’ll like this.  Go read some “Uprising” in the link I provided, and then get excited.  I know I am.


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