FINALLY useful feedback about my knee

So I had a follow up meeting with an orthopedic surgeon at the VA today about my knee.  See, even though the Army couldn’t figure out why I still had pain (after a bunch of different scans), the VA thought doing more scans would show them something new.  Turns out, not so much.  HOWEVER… I was referred to one of their ortho surgeons to talk about other possible causes of my pain, which is something no one had recommended before.  Now, I don’t know that I plan on letting the VA cut on me, but this meeting went very well.  The surgeon really seemed to know what he was talking about and pretty quickly said that he thought the ongoing cause of my knee pain is Synovial Plica Syndrome.

He thinks that my Medial Plica was injured when I tore my MCL, and that combined with an already larger plica from childhood problems with my knees has resulted in a fairly large medial plica that is constantly being inflamed and rubbing on the cartilage/bones of my knee.  Pretty much all my pain symptoms can be attributed to this one diagnosis.  I felt very good leaving the VA today finally having some sort of an answer as to why I continue to have pain.  I also think that this will finally be correctable.  I’m looking at a third-party orthopedic specialist to go have a consult with to see what they think.  If they concur with the findings, I’ll probably let them do orthoscopic surgery to remove the inflamed/scar tissue of my medial plica.  Yay for finally talking to someone who has a clue!


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