2011 Big Bad Burger Contest results

Well, the results are in from the Burger Contest this past weekend…

I am happy to announce that I took FIRST PLACE in the Alternative category with my Crispy Korean Shrimp Burger!  While I didn’t retain my “Grand Champion” title, I put up quite a fight!  I heard that I was second in overall points, and it was a very close second.  Here’s the kicker, though… my booth was the ONLY burger booth to literally have a continuous line of people waiting to try my burger!  Random people were coming up saying they heard I had the best burger and they wanted to try it!  My team and I were so busy, we actually RAN OUT of burger mix with one hour and twenty minutes left in the voting.  I’m pretty sure having to turn people away was what cost me the votes to win, but I guess we’ll never know.  Still, the award for First Place isn’t too shabby – $500 cash!

I want to thank EVERYONE who was able to make it out on Saturday!  I really appreciated you taking the time to come out and support me.  I hope that all of you who tried my burger for the first (or second or third) time really liked it, too!  I also want to thank my employer, Harry, and HMS TECHNOLOGIES, INC. for sponsoring me again this year in the event.

Most of all, though, I want to thank my friends and sous-chefs Kathy and Tony for being totally and completely AWESOME!  Without you guys there helping me the night before and the day of, I couldn’t have pulled this off.  You were the best helpers a guy could ask for, and I tip my hat to you!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Now… to decide about entering next year…


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