WVCDL has standing to sue city over gun laws

Well, the Urinal Journal newspaper ran an article on the blog post I mentioned a few days ago.

WVCDL has standing to sue city over gun laws – journal-news.net | News, sports, jobs, community information for Martinsburg – The Journal.

From the article:

The city countered that the WVCDL had no standing to bring the suit because no one had been harmed by the city’s regulations.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge John Preston, chief judge of the Northern District, wrote “Based upon the Complaint and the affidavit, this Court finds that the plaintiff (that is, WVCDL) has established standing to proceed with this action. This Court finds the threat of prosecution to be real. This Court is confident that if one of the plaintiff’s members attempts to enter certain of the City’s buildings, that person will be stopped and prohibited from entering or arrested.

Emphasis mine.  Suck it, city.  Just because no one (that we know about) has been prosecuted yet, doesn’t mean we should just trust that the cops are not going to based on their good <snicker snicker> word.  Obviously a Judge agrees.


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