Thoughts on Project Gunwalker by a NYT Best-Selling Author

So you all have been reading my blog posts about the “Fast and Furious” goings-ons.  Well that’s a part of “Project Gunwalker”.  Well, check out this blog post about Project Gunwalker by New York Times Best-Selling author Larry Correia.

Project Gunwalker

It has a very thorough description on what the project was about, complete with external hyperlinks to read about specifics.  You should hopefully recognize a lot of his arguments from stuff I’ve said, but he also raises some valid points about the apparent lack of media coverage and outrage. To quote Larry,

How high does this go? Well, it sure isn’t looking pretty for the President. This is bigger than Watergate. A crime was committed in Nixon’s administration and he tried to cover it up.  The same thing is happening here. But at least in Watergate, nobody got killed.

So where’s the outrage? Where’s the 24/7 media coverage about this travesty of justice?  Oh, I forgot, Nixon was a Republican.

Even if you are a huge supporter of gun control (and I really don’t know why you are reading this blog if you are) innocent people have been killed and our Justice Department is complicit in it. If you aren’t angry then there is something wrong with you.

That pretty much sums up how I feel.  Thanks for another awesome blog post, Larry.


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