I called it.

Big shocker here…

Obama to unveil gun control reforms in near future

From the article:

The end result, one source close to the discussions said, was a package of reforms “not huge in scope.” They are largely expected to mirror the topics covered in the president’s op-ed. Gun control advocates have pushed for more, including legislation that would limit the size of magazines — such as the 32-round clip that Giffords’ shooter used — or a bill that would force private sellers to conduct background checks at gun shows — which was pushed in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting.

Still, executive actions offer something that legislation doesn’t: guaranteed results. And as one gun control advocate told the Huffington Post, there are ways to “use these administrative changes to obtain similar results.”

Emphasis mine.  Well would you look at that?  Sounds like ol’ Barry might be considering an executive order.

Keep your powder dry…


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