A robot more like us

Just another piece of the human annihilation puzzle…

In search of a robot more like us

From the article:

There is still significant debate about how even to begin to design a machine that might be flexible enough to do many of the things humans do: fold laundry, cook or wash dishes. That will require a breakthrough in software that mimics perception.

Today’s robots can often do one of these tasks in limited circumstances, but researchers describe their skills as “brittle.” They fail if the tiniest change is introduced. Moreover, they must be reprogrammed in a cumbersome fashion to do something else.

Many robotics researchers are pursuing a bottom-up approach, hoping that by training robots on one task at a time, they can build a library of tasks that will ultimately make it possible for robots to begin to mimic humans.

Others are skeptical, saying that truly useful machines await an artificial intelligence breakthrough that yields vastly more flexible perception.

Yep… just what we need.  A robot with fine manipulation skills that can think for itself.  Check out some of my other warning blogs about robots.  Now pair all the technology together.  Can you say, “Yikes!”?  I know I can…

Robots, people.  They’re bad news.  Mark my word.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon…


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