The Dark Knight Rises teaser released

Well, with Harry Potter being out in theaters now for a little less than a week, the new teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has FINALLY hit the internet!!  Here it is for all of you to enjoy as much as me, complete with some talking points from the article writer!

The Dark Knight Rises

This movie obviously has HUGE shoes to fill after The Dark Knight, but I have faith that it’s gonna be super awesome!  I know I’m excited about it.

Also, in other superhero movie news, apparently there is a trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man ahead of Captain America: The First Avenger this weekend.  I’ve seen the bootleg trailer, and while it looks like they’re trying to do something a little different story-wise, stylistically it doesn’t look horribly different than the last three Spider-man movies we’ve seen.  I’ll wait until there’s more out on that one before I decide if I’m excited or not.

EDITED: Well, turns out the official Amazing Spider-Man trailer IS out.  Click here for the article and trailer.  Click through and watch it in High-Def if you can.  Much better.


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