Naval lasers NOT gone for good?

So even after my blog post a few weeks ago about the future of naval weapons, I see this article today.

Boeing, BAE to Build “Laser Machine Gun”

How freaking cool is that?!  I mean, just the article title alone has me excited!  My favorite part of the article is the last paragraph:

It’s anybody’s guess what kind of threat a machine guns or lasers can’t defeat on their own (Mothra? Decepticons? Kraken?). But now that 19th century ballistic technology has teamed up with 21st century ray gun tech, whatever that enemy may be will think twice about messing with a U.S. Navy warship.

So it looks like there might still be some hope for us getting some awesome new weapons on our warships.  I, for one, am very excited about the proposition.  We’re gonna need something to defend against the aliens when they invade…

Take that how you will.



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