It’s official: Uriah is HOME

Alright everyone, I can say this officially now.  Uriah is HOME!  He is at Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Here’s what I know.

Uriah is undergoing surgery this morning.  In the X-rays they took last night while we were visiting him, they discovered he does in fact have two fractures – one at the top of his femur and the other where his leg joins his hip.  The surgery this morning will possibly also involve pinning those bones to prevent further damage, but that isn’t certain.  The surgery’s main purpose, though, is to examine his chest wound for infection or dead flesh.  If everything looks ok, they may try to close him up completely.  We are, of course, praying everything looks ok.

Now, let me tell you about how much of a bad-ass my baby brother is.  This may be a little too descriptive for some of you, so take heed.  I found out about the extent of his shrapnel wounds.  Here’s a recap of what I knew before:

The next thing Uriah recalls is being on his back and there being a LOT of blood on the floor around him, with some of it coming from his back.  Being the dutiful soldier, he knew he had to call this attack in to headquarters and attempted to move to his radio.  Uriah had some problems though, seeing as how he was seriously wounded with chunks of shrapnel in his arms, torso, abdomen, and legs.  He told us he remembers looking down at his leg when he couldn’t move and realized he was injured.  Despite these injuries, though, Uriah still managed to crawl using his arms to his radio and call in, “I’m hit, I’m hit!” before passing out.

Now here’s the details.  That blood coming from his back?  It’s because a piece of shrapnel had flown completely through his body, puncturing his diaphragm, his right lung, and damaging his liver.  Not being able to move his leg?  It’s because his femoral artery was SEVERED.  Not nicked, not cut, SEVERED.  It’s no wonder there was blood all over the floor – Uriah was bleeding out.  Keep in mind, he also has a bunch of shrapnel and one huge chunk sticking out of his abdomen!  He didn’t let that stop him, though.  This embodiment of human stubbornness and determination still crawled to his radio and called for help!

And help came.  GOD had it in His perfect plan that a combat medic was right there at the scene of the attack.  A guardian angel in ACUs, deputized by the Host of Heaven to be there, ready and able, to provide the aid that saved my baby brother’s life.  I’m still tracking down contact info, but Uriah said that medic’s last name is Craig, and he thinks his first name might be Christopher.  One of the staff sergeants assisting us is going to try and confirm any details.

After surgery this morning, Uriah will be moved from the Trauma section of ICU to the Surgical section of ICU at the hospital.  The doctors told us this is better because Uriah will be able to get more rest there than in ICU.  We asked the doctor last night if Uriah is still supposed to make a full recovery.  The doctor replied that with cases this severe, his is always cautious, but he’s also hopeful because Uriah seems very strong and has already overcome several normally fatal wounds.  The important surgery he underwent in Bath was where they had to take a vein from his left leg to repair his severed femoral artery.  The doc says that it seems to be doing fine and that Uriah still has all sensation in his toes/feet and and wiggle everything.

That’s all the information I have to give at this point.  Again, we really appreciate continued thoughts and prayers for Uriah and our family.  Thank you all.

EDITED: Uriah is out of surgery.  The doctors said his abdomen wound looked good.  They closed up the muscle and tissue layers, but left his skin still open.  The doctors said this would help him heal faster since they’re slowly closing him up in layers.  Now, though, they have to watch and see if he has restricted breathing because closing up the tissue was very tight since they had previously removed damage/dead areas around his wound.

The through-and-through wound on his right side is still open, but covered, clean, and draining properly.  Apparently the doctors can put their finger all the way through, but that’s not so big of a deal.  <shrug>  That one will probably be closed sometime in the near future.  There was nothing orthopedic done during this surgery, so no pins in his leg [yet].  Whether they add them later is still up for debate.

He’s still in a lot of pain, so they’re keeping him heavily sedated.  They did, as previously mentioned, move him to the Surgery section of ICU.  He’s expected to remain there for a while until he’s all stitched up and healing nicely, so probably another few days to a week.


13 Responses

  1. Thank you for the update, Ryan! God is good and is listening to all the prayers going up for Uriah and your whole family!

  2. Your in God’s Hands. There are people
    All over the world praying for you. We’re all so
    Proud of you!! Thank you.

  3. Still praying. Thank you for the updates. God be with all of you

  4. What a very strong brave young man he is still in all of our prayers for complete recovery.

  5. Prayers are going up for you. You’re such strong man and I know God will watch over and take care of you. You are here for a reason.

  6. I would like to Praise the Lord and Christ for holding your brother in their hands and protecting his life. God has so much more for Uriah to do in this life. We thank you Lord for always being with us.
    Alexis L. Young

  7. When God is good, he is great. I know Uriah is not out of the woods yet, Ryan but your brother has an incredible host of angels watching over him, not just that combat medic, and right now he is lifted up on an enormous cloud of prayer. There is strong. Then there is Army Strong. And then there is Uriah Horst.

  8. God Bless your brother, he is so strong and thats what the military makes you son is in the military and im all the time telling myself that he will be ok,everyone has your back you work together as a team,God Bless you and your family,lots of prayers and faith coming your strong.

  9. Hey Ryan, I saw a link to this blog on Amanda Horst’s facebook page. I am thankful to Uriah for his service and bravery! Please tell him that. I thank you as well. Praying for Uriah and the rest of the Horst family. God bless…

  10. May the Lord watch over you, wrap his healing hands around you and bless you with a speedy recovery! Thank you for your service to our country!

  11. Thank you for your service!!!! May God wrap his hands around you and heal your body and mind. God Bless you and your family!!!

  12. Mr. Horst, I stumbled upon your blog from another while killing time. Please convey my most humble gratitude to your brother for his service. Further more please accept my thanks for your posts, “as iron sharpens iron” your faith has fed mine. The photos of the lawn with the simple outpouring of thanks and support from the community also fed my faith, that there are still good people in this country and that they still care and will act. The Lord does indeed have perfect plans for all of us if we accept his will.

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