Some good news on Uriah

Alright everybody, I just got off the phone with both mom AND Uriah.  He is doing well!  He’s actually sitting up in bed and sipping on water.  They also removed the drainage tube from his nose, which he was happy about.  Later today he will be moved out of the Surgical section and to a more permanent recovery room there in the hospital.

There’s some new news media out there, too.  In today’s Journal, there is another nice follow-up article on Uriah.

Wounded soldier returns to U.S.

Our dad and I were contacted by the Herald today for a follow-up story.  I’d look for that in the next day or so.

Wounded Martinsburg soldier “on road to recovery”

Also, my buddy Hans at the radio station, 1340 WEPM, called me to express his condolences and get a little info on Uriah.  Listen in for some sound bites from that quick interview in the next day or so, too.  I want to thank all the media outlets we’ve dealt with so far for being pretty good with us and wanting to get the facts straight.

Now for something cool.  You guys wanna see one of the smaller pieces of shrapnel that the doctors took out of Uriah?  🙂

Also, when I mentioned I just got off the phone with Uriah, it’s because he was trying to holler out his door at Miss America, who is apparently making the rounds today in the ICU unit at Bethesda.  How cool is that?!  I told him to get a picture for me.  For the blog, of course…  🙂  EDITED: Scratch that, it was not Miss USA.  Apparently it was just another liaison for the hospital with an official escort.  I told Uriah that he needs to get her as HIS liaison.  LOL.

EDITED: More info since my lunch break.  So far Uriah has been able to have water, apple juice, and jello.  It seems to be sitting well on his stomach as he has had no nausea as of yet.  He said that it tasted “soooooo good!”  He has also now been moved out of ICU to a surgical recovery ward.


4 Responses

  1. Hello from Florida. Good to hear you are sitting up in bed and taking liquids and jello. Uriah, we have been and will continue to pray for you.

    Uncle, Uncle Bill & Aunt, Aunt Ester

  2. Praise God that things are going so well. Keeping you all in prayer.

  3. I went to high school with your dad. (as a way of introduction) – I am so pleased to hear that Uriah could holler out the door – that’s a good step forward.

    I went through what you are going through back in the 60’s when my brother stepped on a landmine in ‘Nam. Keep the faith, Uriah, you and the entire family have quite a cheering section out here.

    Janie Darby Fox

  4. Please tell Uriah for me and all other Vets, Welcome home. Thank you.

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