Whitney, on adult movies

So the other night Whitney and her friends are watching that “Limitless” movie.  In the movie, there’s a drug called “NZT48” that gives you total access to your brain, basically.  Well, after the movie is over, Whitney says,

I need to get some NC-17!

I’m pretty sure if Whit did get her hands on some NZT48, it might just bring her brain up to par with the rest of us.  Just sayin’… 🙂

Oh, and Whit… that’s inappropriate.  😉


One Response

  1. It is obvious that your sisters love you. How else could they put up with your comments. I think I will take their side for now. Send them down and we can educate them on mexican food.

    Thanks for the updates on Uriah. We will be in the Martinsburg area Aug 8 – 10 and then on Aug 15 and 16th.

    I promise to keep quiet if you promise to keep the blog pen quiet.

    Uncle, Uncle Bill

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