Whitney, on not quite understanding Mexican food

As usual, Whitney’s friends ratted her out.  So they’re at dinner down at VA Beach, and they’re having Mexican food.  The waiter asks Whitney, who ordered a chimichanga, what kind she would like.  She replies,


I’m pretty sure the options are beef or chicken, fried or soft.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, so then she continues to order her side dishes and orders,

…rice and french fries.

Now, that would be fine, except that she definitely meant to order “refried beans.”  Those are similar, right?  One is made of potatoes, one is made of beans… hmm… that’s not the connection.  They both have “frie…” in the name?  That must be it.  Keep trying, Whit.  One day you’ll learn how to order off the Mexican food menu.  🙂


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