Thank you, Silencerco

I had the privilege of delivering a care package to Uriah yesterday.  Now, this package wasn’t from friends or family, or even our church or another veteran’s organization.  This package was from an awesome suppressor manufacturer from out in Utah, Silencerco.  Let me set this up for you.

Back around the beginning of July of this year, Silencerco asked on their facebook page that if anyone was going to be doing any shooting with their suppressors over the holiday weekend, to take some pictures and then post them to their wall.  Well, I did end up going shooting with a buddy of mine, and took my 9Osprey with me.  I also decided that since I was going to post to Silencerco’s facebook wall with the pic, I should sport one of their shirts, too.  I chose the “Game Changer” model, which features the same phrase on the front of the shirt and has a vertical picture line-up on the back displaying images of “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Suppressed Pistol.”  Not long after changing my profile picture to display an action shot of me shooting… actually, here’s the pic.

The hearing protection was for everyone else shooting, not me.  I certainly don’t need hearing protection while shooting this pistol/suppressor combo.  Anyway, Uriah comments on my picture that he’s going to steal my shirt.  Fast forward to Uriah being in the hospital.  I shoot Josh (Silencerco CEO) a short email with a link to my blog about Uriah’s incident and ask if I could get another “game changer” t-shirt for him.  I got an email back within an hour saying they’d send me something for Uriah.  A few days later, I get a box in the mail from Silencerco.  I decide to not open it and instead let the contents be a surprise to both Uriah and me.

Josh, we can’t thank you and Silencerco enough.  You went above anything I expected!  Inside the box was a Silencerco hat, a sticker pack, some patches, and THREE Silencerco t-shirts, one of which was the “game changer” one that Uriah really wanted.  Let the pics below tell you what Uriah thought about this extremely thoughtful gift.

Josh, both I and my family thank you very much.  This really brightened Uriah’s day.  Silencerco’s customer service record has never been anything other than extraordinary, and I can assure you that you have made a customer out of me for LIFE.


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  1. Well that is just too cool! Way to go for reaching out to them! I think a lot of companies out there are very giving like this, we just need to reach out more.

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