The Dark Knight Rises teaser released

Well, with Harry Potter being out in theaters now for a little less than a week, the new teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has FINALLY hit the internet!!  Here it is for all of you to enjoy as much as me, complete with some talking points from the article writer!

The Dark Knight Rises

This movie obviously has HUGE shoes to fill after The Dark Knight, but I have faith that it’s gonna be super awesome!  I know I’m excited about it.

Also, in other superhero movie news, apparently there is a trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man ahead of Captain America: The First Avenger this weekend.  I’ve seen the bootleg trailer, and while it looks like they’re trying to do something a little different story-wise, stylistically it doesn’t look horribly different than the last three Spider-man movies we’ve seen.  I’ll wait until there’s more out on that one before I decide if I’m excited or not.

EDITED: Well, turns out the official Amazing Spider-Man trailer IS out.  Click here for the article and trailer.  Click through and watch it in High-Def if you can.  Much better.


If you play D&D, you should be reading OOTS.

Friends, Nerds, Role-players, lend me your pointy ears!

For several years now (since back when D&D switched from 3rd Edition to 3.5) I’ve been reading the Order of the Stick web-comic.  In fact, the very first comic strip was about that very conversion.  You can start there if you haven’t begun reading yet.

Now, being the fan of the strip that I am, I actually have also purchased all the comic strip compilation books that have been put out.  Every one of these books has extra strips included with the regular storyline and also have some commentary (typically by one of the characters) as well.  Plus, if you’re like me, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to pick up a book and read it and laugh instead of having to be online.

Now, if you check the links, you’ll see that not all of these are available right now.  The company is usually pretty good at getting more in stock, though, so don’t fret too much.  You can probably find them on amazon, but I’m betting it’ll be at scalper’s prices.

So anyway, I assure you that if you play D&D, you WILL find humor in these web comics.  At least check out the online strips and see if you like it.  Trust me, though, the art gets better.  Rich even makes fun of himself in one of the books about it.  🙂  So from one gamer to another… Enjoy!

Last chance to personalize your copy!

Listen everyone!  As per Larry, if you’re pre-ordering a copy of Monster Hunter Alpha and want your copy personalized, not just signed, you need to order it today or tomorrow from Uncle Hugo’s (and list in the notes what you want it to say, if something specific).  Also, might as well buy an extra copy or two since shipping is a flat $6, regardless if you order 1 book or 30.  🙂  After all, you don’t want your friends messing up your nice personalized copy, right?

Let’s put Larry BACK on the NYT Best Seller List!!!

Ok, fans of the Monster Hunter book series!  Larry has given us a call to action, and I plan on answering!  So this is me, doing my part to help out (well… that, and pre-ordering from Uncle Hugo’s)!

I need a favor from the Monster Hunter Nation

READ IT!  Pre-order his book from Uncle Hugo’s (and get it personalized, while you’re at it, FOR FREE!).  We put Monster Hunter Vendetta on the NYT List, so let’s do it again with Monster Hunter Alpha!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon was AWESOME!

So I was able to go see a preview showing of Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D last night at 9pm.  It was made of AWESOME.  A few of my favorite parts (spoiler-free) were:

  • Alan Tudyk being in the movie.  This was a very pleasant surprise to me, as I loved him as “Wash” in Firefly/Serenity.  And he’s just as funny/awesome in this movie as well.
  • Optimus Prime’s trailer.  FINALLY Prime gets his trailer and all the associated goodies.
  • Political potshots at both sides of the fence.  Definitely some funny stuff here.
  • John Malkovich is pretty funny (as usual).
  • Some new faces, both Autobot and Decepticon, that were cool.

Anyway, the movie is 2 hours and 37 minutes long, so go to the bathroom beforehand and try to pace yourself drinking your soda during the movie.  The 3D I felt was definitely worth it and very cool in several scenes.  This movie made a fitting conclusion to the series.  Go see it.

Monster Hunter Alpha available for preorder!

You heard it here second (with Larry obviously being the first)!  The third book in the Monster Hunter series is now available for pre-order, and autographed (as usual for Larry)!  Check Larry’s announcement here!  I read the eARC of this book and it was great!  Actually… I think I blogged about it… be right back.

Yep, I did!  Check out my review here!

Simon Pegg hates fast zombies

Here’s a cool article by Shaun of the Dead actor Simon Pegg about why he feels that “fast” zombies are ruining the zombie genre of movie.

A call to the return of slow zombies

From the article:

I know it is absurd to debate the rules of a reality that does not exist, but this genuinely irks me. You cannot kill a vampire with an MDF stake; werewolves can’t fly; zombies do not run. It’s a misconception, a bastardisation that diminishes a classic movie monster. The best phantasmagoria uses reality to render the inconceivable conceivable. The speedy zombie seems implausible to me, even within the fantastic realm it inhabits. A biological agent, I’ll buy. Some sort of super-virus? Sure, why not. But death? Death is a disability, not a superpower. It’s hard to run with a cold, let alone the most debilitating malady of them all.

Makes sense to me, but only if we’re going with actual “undead” zombies and not the “mutated rabies” zombies like in the 28 Days/Weeks later movies (which he addresses as not being actual zombie movies).  Just sayin’.  Read the article.  It’s long, but humorous, and he makes some good points and provides a lot of zombie movie history insight.