Head of ATF Likely to Be Ousted

Good, says I.  Though I really don’t think this means much since he’s not the permanent head of the ATF anyway since neither Clinton or Bush were able to get one assigned.  And that Traver fellow that Obama nominated is about as anti-gun-rights as can be, especially for the position he’d be filling.

Head of ATF Likely to Be Ousted

From the article:

At a House hearing this week, Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.), chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, disclosed internal documents showing that Mr. Melson was closely involved in managing Fast and Furious operation. One email among ATF officials described Mr. Melson’s request for an Internet link to hidden cameras the ATF had planted in gun shops cooperating with the operation, Mr. Issa said, citing the documents. That allowed Mr. Melson to watch a live feed of suspected “straw buyers,” who purchase firearms on behalf of others, buying AK-47-style rifles, he said.

I thought he said he didn’t know anything about it?  Hmm…


Hearings begin on “Fast and Furious”

Well, it has begun.  And BOY does it sound like the ATF is gonna get raked over the coals.  I hope so, too.  Someone needs to hold them accountable for the deaths resulting from their little pet project.

House Panel Releases Scathing Report on “Fast and Furious”

From the article:

Findings from the preliminary report include:

 – Agents expected to interdict weapons, yet were told to stand down and “just surveil.” Agents therefore did not act. They watched straw purchasers buy hundreds of weapons illegally and transfer those weapons to unknown third parties and stash houses.

– ATF agents complained about the strategy of allowing guns to walk in Operation Fast and Furious. Leadership ignored their concerns. Instead, supervisors told the agents to “get with the program” because senior ATF officials had sanctioned the operation.

– Agents knew that given the large numbers of weapons being trafficked to Mexico, tragic results were a near certainty.

– Operation Fast and Furious contributed to the increasing violence and deaths in Mexico. This result was regarded with giddy optimism by ATF supervisors hoping that guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico would provide the nexus to straw purchasers in Phoenix.


Equally discouraging, the report concludes the operation itself was a failure, saying after 18 months of investigative work, Fast and Furious resulted only in indictments of 20 straw purchasers, buyers who were known before the operation even began.

More details on “Fast and Furious”

Justice officials SHOULD be in a panic over this crap.  I’m just thankful that the gun store owners who got roped in to doing the ATF’s illegal dirtywork have audio recording of them being told to sell to gun-runners.  This is just asinine.  How did you think this was going to end, ATF?

Justice Officials in “Panic Mode” as Hearing Nears

I hope they get what’s coming to them…

More “Fast and Furious” failures by the ATF

Wait wait wait… so you mean that it’s actually the BATFE that is supplying guns to the Mexican drug cartels and not honest, law-abiding gun shop owners?  Say it ain’t so…

Weapons Arsenal Found in Mexico Contains Guns From U.S. Probe

From the article:

The lawmakers claim the operation allowed suspected traffickers to buy more than 2,500 weapons in the U.S. and may have helped fuel the trafficking the ATF is supposed to try to prevent.

Mexican police in late April raided a home in Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas. They reported finding a cache that included two dozen AK-47-style rifles, three antiaircraft machine guns, dozens of grenades and more than 26,000 rounds of ammunition.

Oh yeah… I can just walk into any gun store in Arizona or Texas and pick me up some anti-aircraft machine guns or grenades.  <atomic eyeroll>  These were either provided by our government, or by theirs (or more likely, “stolen” from their military).

And so the cache begins

Look what’s on its way to me… TIMES 40!

Yes, you read correctly. That’s 2,000 rounds. Amongst the 5.7mm users, this round seems to be the best for personal defense (baring the SS190 round). And they’re not actually being sent to me here, but rather to my family back home. They’ll store it for safe keeping till I get a chance to come home and use it. I haven’t actually decided if I want to use any of this cache or save it just in case Hillary gets into power (she and the Brady Bunch don’t like this round, so I may need to stock up). I can always buy some more between now and when I get home to actually use for range time.

I’ve also got another 100 rounds that are of the “armor piercing” variety (unless you ask the BATF&E), plus some miscellaneous other rounds from my 5.7mm ammo dealer in Texas to sample. Fun stuff – subsonic, incendiary, tracer, his new AP round, and whatever else he decides to throw in. 🙂 Got a good deal on it all, too. Don’t ask, ’cause I ain’t tellin’. 😛