You’ve gotta be kidding me, ATF!?!

This is bull$hit!

To combat gun trafficking, ATF asks gun dealers to report sales of semi-automatic rifles

How am I not even a little surprised that this administration has tried to turn this against gun owners?!  “Oh, um, yeah… we secretly authorized gun dealers in border states and Florida to sell a bajillion guns (which we’ve lost) to cartels and gang-bangers, but we’re getting our shit together now, guys.  If a person wants to buy two semi-auto rifles in a week, you’ll let us know, right?”

“Federal, state and foreign law enforcement agencies have determined that certain types of semi-automatic rifles – greater than .22 caliber and with the ability to accept a detachable magazine – are highly sought after by dangerous drug trafficking organizations and frequently recovered at violent crime scenes near the Southwest Border,” Cole said.

THEY WOULD KNOW since they provided them!

Obama’s Justice Department also plans to introduce a new electronic system that will make background checks for handgun buyers simpler and faster and has imposed tougher sentencing guidelines for “straw buyers,”

And what the hell does this mean?!  How is this going to be any different than the federally required NICS check, and why target pistol purchases?

<insert flustered incoherent ramblings here>


Thoughts on Project Gunwalker by a NYT Best-Selling Author

So you all have been reading my blog posts about the “Fast and Furious” goings-ons.  Well that’s a part of “Project Gunwalker”.  Well, check out this blog post about Project Gunwalker by New York Times Best-Selling author Larry Correia.

Project Gunwalker

It has a very thorough description on what the project was about, complete with external hyperlinks to read about specifics.  You should hopefully recognize a lot of his arguments from stuff I’ve said, but he also raises some valid points about the apparent lack of media coverage and outrage. To quote Larry,

How high does this go? Well, it sure isn’t looking pretty for the President. This is bigger than Watergate. A crime was committed in Nixon’s administration and he tried to cover it up.  The same thing is happening here. But at least in Watergate, nobody got killed.

So where’s the outrage? Where’s the 24/7 media coverage about this travesty of justice?  Oh, I forgot, Nixon was a Republican.

Even if you are a huge supporter of gun control (and I really don’t know why you are reading this blog if you are) innocent people have been killed and our Justice Department is complicit in it. If you aren’t angry then there is something wrong with you.

That pretty much sums up how I feel.  Thanks for another awesome blog post, Larry.

I absolutely agree!

International illegal arms trafficking?  You bet they should be tried in Mexico, lawmaker or not!

U.S. Officials Behind “Fast and Furious” Should Be Tried in Mexico, Lawmaker Says

From the article:

While it is highly doubtful the U.S. would allow its law enforcement officers to be extradited to Mexico, Salazar says Mexico could make the situation uncomfortable for the U.S. if it chooses to publicize the many people killed or injured by so-called Fast and Furious guns.

“It would be very difficult for them to get a fair trial in Mexico,” she said. “But I think it’s very important they be prosecuted in the U.S. Not just those involved, but those who allowed it to happen. This should be followed up with a very strong prosecution here. If you are not going to be nervous in the United States, you should at least be nervous where these guns are found,” says Salazar.

I hope Eric Holder is feeling a little nervous.  He should be fired for being inept.

Everything you want to know about “Project Gunwalker”

This is from The Ogre, and doesn’t need anymore explanation from me.

Credit is not always given where credit is due. All the news about the ATF’s SNAFU… it’s all sourced from our friend David Codrea, who broke this story wide open and now has all the Media Outlets tapping his information. But not all of them are attributing him as the source. Some have… and that’s great. But if it wasn’t for David’s persistent hard work – The American People would not have known about this gigantic violation of Trust.
I’ve had a link to one of his sites – War On Guns – for years.  Go to that blog and in his column on the left side, scroll down and you see links for the whole enchilada on Project Gunwalker… and evidently you’ll know more about it than the head of the BATFE.

Thank you, David, for your diligence and all your hard work.

Head of ATF Likely to Be Ousted

Good, says I.  Though I really don’t think this means much since he’s not the permanent head of the ATF anyway since neither Clinton or Bush were able to get one assigned.  And that Traver fellow that Obama nominated is about as anti-gun-rights as can be, especially for the position he’d be filling.

Head of ATF Likely to Be Ousted

From the article:

At a House hearing this week, Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.), chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, disclosed internal documents showing that Mr. Melson was closely involved in managing Fast and Furious operation. One email among ATF officials described Mr. Melson’s request for an Internet link to hidden cameras the ATF had planted in gun shops cooperating with the operation, Mr. Issa said, citing the documents. That allowed Mr. Melson to watch a live feed of suspected “straw buyers,” who purchase firearms on behalf of others, buying AK-47-style rifles, he said.

I thought he said he didn’t know anything about it?  Hmm…

Hearings begin on “Fast and Furious”

Well, it has begun.  And BOY does it sound like the ATF is gonna get raked over the coals.  I hope so, too.  Someone needs to hold them accountable for the deaths resulting from their little pet project.

House Panel Releases Scathing Report on “Fast and Furious”

From the article:

Findings from the preliminary report include:

 – Agents expected to interdict weapons, yet were told to stand down and “just surveil.” Agents therefore did not act. They watched straw purchasers buy hundreds of weapons illegally and transfer those weapons to unknown third parties and stash houses.

– ATF agents complained about the strategy of allowing guns to walk in Operation Fast and Furious. Leadership ignored their concerns. Instead, supervisors told the agents to “get with the program” because senior ATF officials had sanctioned the operation.

– Agents knew that given the large numbers of weapons being trafficked to Mexico, tragic results were a near certainty.

– Operation Fast and Furious contributed to the increasing violence and deaths in Mexico. This result was regarded with giddy optimism by ATF supervisors hoping that guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico would provide the nexus to straw purchasers in Phoenix.


Equally discouraging, the report concludes the operation itself was a failure, saying after 18 months of investigative work, Fast and Furious resulted only in indictments of 20 straw purchasers, buyers who were known before the operation even began.

More details on “Fast and Furious”

Justice officials SHOULD be in a panic over this crap.  I’m just thankful that the gun store owners who got roped in to doing the ATF’s illegal dirtywork have audio recording of them being told to sell to gun-runners.  This is just asinine.  How did you think this was going to end, ATF?

Justice Officials in “Panic Mode” as Hearing Nears

I hope they get what’s coming to them…