Japan hacked the nervous system

Oh no, absolutely no way this can be used for evil.

Hand-hacking lets you pluck strings like a musical pro

From the article:

PossessedHand, being developed jointly by the University of Tokyo, Japan, and Sony Computer Science Laboratories, also in Tokyo, electrically stimulates the muscles in the forearm that move your fingers. A belt worn around that part of the subject’s arm contains 28 electrode pads, which flex the joints between the three bones of each finger and the two bones of the thumb, and provide two wrist movements.

They call it “POSSESSED HAND”!  I think I saw a movie about that once that didn’t end well.  I figure it’s only a matter of time until they hijack your body and make you pull the trigger of a gun, the pin from a grenade, or detonator on a bomb.  Maybe you get nabbed coming out of the mall, they hook up these machines to you, and send you on your way to do the controller’s bidding.  Strap-on assassins.  Tell me that doesn’t scare you.


Other than the very obvious doom this will bring, it’s pretty neat.


Heat Vision? I’ll take two, please.

Ok, so maybe not yet, but this could pan out to be something kinda nifty… or horrifying.  You know… whatever.

Human cell becomes living laser

From the article:

Scientists have for the first time created laser light using living biological material: a single human cell and some jellyfish protein.

Watch out, Spongebob Squarepants… they’re coming for your Jellyfish Fields.

Amputee demonstrates bionic hand

This is some straight-up Luke Skywalker stuff right here…

24 year old demonstrates his new bionic hand.

Even with my aversion to robots, I find this pretty freaking cool.