Old article about Uriah in the parade

So I never did get around to posting this.  Last fall was pretty hectic for me.  Anyway, here’s a link to the Journal article about Uriah being in the Apple Harvest Parade.  Click the image to go to the whole story.

Here’s the part about Uriah, though, for those who don’t want to link through.  It’s pretty cool, though, in that from the article title, and the first three paragraphs, you’d think it was all about Uriah.

MARTINSBURG – Like a wave traveling along the street, several thousand spectators lining the route of the 2011 Apple Harvest Grad Feature Parade in Martinsburg Saturday stood, applauded and cheered as U.S. Army Spc. Uriah Horst passed by.

The 21-year-old Martinsburg native was wounded on July 25 in Afghanistan when his unit of the 18th Fires Brigade (Airborne) was hit with rocket fire. Stationed at Forward Operating Base Andar, Horst was hit with shrapnel from one of the rocket explosions.

One young boy ran out to his car for an autograph. Horst dug for a pen in his fatigue pants to sign it.

That’s my bro.


Whitney, on transmitted diseases

So we are sitting around playing CatchPhrase and the phrase is “Mononucleosis”. The clue given from Whitney’s team is, “The Kissing Disease!” Whitney, in all her wisdom, shouts out…
Only if you’re kissing ass, Whit. Only if you’re kissing ass…

Whitney, on test scores

So we are sitting around talking about I.Q. scores and I mention that the GT Score from the military ASVAB is supposed to be close to your I.Q. Whitney asks if that stands for “general test” and I reply it’s more of a general knowledge score. Whitney, oh so intelligently, replies,
“Shouldn’t that be “G.N.” score, then?”
Mom snaps her head around and says, “No, Whit, that would be “G.K.”!”
Way to go there, Ace. Spelling FAIL.

Uriah is in the Apple Harvest Parade

Thought everyone would like a little update on Uriah.  He’s doing remarkably well.  So well, in fact, that he’s going to be in the upcoming Apple Harvest Parade this Saturday here in downtown Martinsburg!  Here’s the Journal article about it!

Soldier to Ride in Parade

Whitney, on ancient foot practices

So we are sitting around talking to Bryon’s brother, Evan, about the shoes he wants to buy. Whitney spout off this gem:

It’s like what those Chinese-Swedish people would do. They’d cut their feet off so they could fit into clogs!

Wow. Just… wow. I’m not sure where she get her information, but just for the record, there definitely was no foot removal going on to fit into clogs. Ever. Wrapping of feet, sure. Little bit of difference. Anybody else see a trend here? Whit seems to have a little trouble defining the difference between minor alteration/surgery, and the extreme other side, which is complete removal. LOL

Can you say, “Surrogates”?

Oh sure, this is how it starts…

Thought-controlled Robot Avatars Provide New Help for the Disabled

From the article:

In the end, robotic avatars could become part of everyday society, as accepted today as a wheelchair and handicapped parking. Sawyer says the only gating factor is whether society accepts them.

I feel like I’ve seen the future of this technology.  It seriously is pretty remarkable, though.  I commend the scientific community for making this sort of advancement.

Whitney, on Jurassic Park Martinsburg

So Whitney drives downtown to pick up mom for lunch.  As they’re nearing the junction of our King and Queen streets, Whitney comments on the reconstruction effort going on there at the city square.

They’re making Martinsburg prehistoric again!

Just so everyone knows, you should probably steer clear of downtown Martinsburg.  There might be a Tyrannosaurus Rex running around with a goat chain hanging out of its mouth.  Or maybe a pack of Velociraptors.  Don’t hide in your kitchen… they can open doors.