I want to start writing more

Not blogging, necessarily… actually writing. Short shorties, flash stories, finish my fantasy novel (and get to work on the second one)… that sort of thing. I’ve been reading some really good writing tips/blogs/articles lately and I think it’ll really help me with what I’m doing. I might even submit to a couple of these open calls for writings. I’m excited about the proposition. I think I’m gonna start scheduling a time for me to write during the week, just like a job. We’ll see how it goes.


Newer, shorter blogs

So aside from my “Things My Sisters Say” blog posts, I’ve noticed that the majority of my previous blogs have all been longer posts.  I think that this may be a major reason that I haven’t blogged much in the past few months.  Not that I haven’t had blog-worthy stuff happen, but most of the time I end up getting side-tracked before I can blog about it and then end up forgetting details.  So I think I’m going to start doing shorter blogs, but more frequently.  Sort of like longer facebook status updates.  I’ve got the WordPress app for my iPhone, so I can do them on the go.  Let’s see if this increases my blog postings.

Started another blog

So I started another blog that will be strictly focused on adding to the fantasy novel that I started writing while I was stationed in South Korea.  Check it out and leave me some constructive criticism!

My Fantasy Novel