It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

So my roommate has some good contacts down at Walter Reed military hospital. He gets a phone call telling him that he’s got an extra ticket to the military inaugural ball tomorrow night (he already has two tickets), and he asks me if I would like to go. Now, we all know how I voted and how I feel about the new coming Empire, but I thought about it, and my roommate said that Obama is suppose to make an appearance, so I said “why not”. It’s history, whether I think it’s good or bad. Might as well bear witness to it so I have something to talk about around the trashcan fires in the future once the revolution happens. So I give my roommate all my info (full name, DoB, SSN) and he makes his phone call to give my info to the ticket person. A minute or so after he gives this guy my info, the guy comes back and says, “Oh… it looks like it’s too late. Mr. Horst won’t be able to attend with you,” or something to that extent.

So tell me, does this sound fishy to you? I’m convinced it’s because of my outspoken opinion of the Obamessiah and my *cough*large*cough* amount of firearms purchases lately. I’m sure I’m flagged as a “person of interest” in some illegal government (probably BATF&E or Homeland Security) database!

That’s ok. Had I gone, I’m sure I would have shown up in the background of some newspaper picture and then people would accuse me of being a hypocrite for going to a celebration for the new Emperor of the world.

Keep your powder dry.


2 Responses

  1. no its good common sense. all one would have to do is read your blog or read your comments awhile back in stars and stripes or even look at the number assault weapon purchases in the past few months…. we love you ryan but really to someone who doesn’t know you well your actions do fit under the holly crap this guy is crazy wearing a tin foil hat type.

  2. that’s just straight-up paranoid!

    But I would expect nothing less. 🙂

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